Crowdsourced Playlist: Fuck.

Each week, I host a “crowdsourced playlist.” I give the theme (and three examples) and the crowd throws in their suggestions. Check out the progress on this week’s playlist below, or head over to Facebook to follow me and contribute.

When Stephen Sondheim was hired to write the music for West Side Story, he was told he could drop an F-bomb at the end of “Gee, Officer Krupke.” The word had never been used in a Broadway show and the 25-year-old lyricist was excited to break that barrier.

Unfortunately, as the original production progressed, CBS Records, which had the contract for the cast recording, said they could not sell the album if it the word “fuck” was in the lyrics, since shipping it across state lines would violate obscenity laws.

Ultimately, Sondheim was forced to use the lyric “Gee, Office Krupke, Krup you” instead of his original lyric. In a show with many lyrics Sondheim has always been unhappy with, he thinks this change ended up making a more interesting lyric.

[source: Finishing the Hat, Vol. 1]

Which brings us to this week’s crowdsourced playlist theme: “Fuck.”

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