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Crowdsourced Playlist: Sexes, Battle of the: Songs of Adversaries and Allies

Each week, I host a “crowdsourced playlist.” I give the theme (and a few examples) and the crowd throws in their suggestions. Check out the progress on this week’s playlist below, or head over to Facebook to follow me and contribute.

It’s 1933 and Heddy Lamarr is 18 and appearing in a film called ‘Ecstasy.’ The film is remembered most for Heddy’s facial expression during an orgasm, an expression that was achieved by the film’s director poking her buttocks with a safety pin off camera.

It’s 1941 or ’42 and World War II is happening. Heddy is hanging out with an avant garde composer, George Antheil. Discussion of how to automate control of music instruments gives way to how to prevent the jamming of radio-controlled torpedoes. Using a piano role to randomly change frequencies, the two successfully solved the problem and were granted a patent. Heddy wanted to join the National Inventors Council after this important development, but was told she could be more helpful by selling war bonds. Today, you use the technology with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and your cell phone.

So, this week’s crowdsourced playlist theme is Sexes, Battle of the: Songs of Adversaries and Allies.